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... a company in the swiss mountains, their products are used worldwide.

For more than 30 years we have been developing and producing custom-made controllers for the industry. From hardware design through hardware programming to the software, everything is done in-house. Thus potential sources of errors are minimized which in the end has a favorable effect on the robustness of the systems. So far our systems have proved to be reliable in 24/7 operation.

Logo A2 Swiss Industry Controller

The Logo A2 is our newest product. The controller was partially developed in collaboration with ETH Zurich in the context of a CTI funded project (Commission for Technology and Innovation; An innovation promotion program from the Swiss federal government).

The controller is an optimal combination of the operating system, the hardware and the application which can fulfill the requirements for different applications. This approach is new und allows a large modularity of the system. This combination provides high flexibility without cutting back in operational reliability and quality. Thus the controller can be modified for specific functions and applications in a manageable amount of time.

The controller includes a galvanic separation to avoid damage through current fluctuations as well as different interfaces such as USB, Ethernet, connections for keyboard, mouse and external (touch-)screen as well as different interfaces for the industry. The centerpiece of the Logo A2 is an FPGA chip (Field Programmable Gate Array) with the integrated A2CPU processors which we have newly developed. Thus the property the chip is characterised through large flexibility and he is specially suited for performing parallel tasks.

The operational system A2 uses Active Objects in the programming language Oberon which was developed at ETH Zurich. It is especially suited for real-time operations and the multicore ability is implemented from the outset. Oberon is a highly structured programming language which simplifies the survey of codes and ultimately reduces personnel needed to maintain the system.

The above-mentioned properties make the Logo A2 the ideal controller for the industry.


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Movie about Radiar and the Logo A2

Long version (ca. 5 minutes; in german only)

Short version (ca. 1 minute; in german only)

Many thanks to Fredy Schwyter for making the movie, to the Swiss Informatics Society for facilitating the movie, and to Dr. Felix Friedrich for the participation.

Some impressions from the CeBIT 2015 in Hanover

Some pictures were taken from the company T-Link